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        My Bio

        Katelin grew up in a house full of sisters (three to be exact, she’s a quadruplet!) in the very flat land of Indianapolis, Indiana. She studied journalism graphics at Ball State University and took an internship on Bainbridge Island at YES! Magazine and that changed her outlook on life.

        She’s been in Seattle for six years now and loves every minute of it. During the week, she’s a marketing manager at an architecture firm in Seattle, helping shape the ever growing Seattle skyline. By weekend or on her days off, she’s hiking in Washington’s mountains or traveling the world. The mountains inform her desire to cherish a strong, healthy body and and her travels remind her how beautiful and diverse our world is.  


        What is your favorite hiking resource for Washington?
        Favorite hike in Seattle?
        What's it like being a quadruplet?
        Where are you traveling to next?
        The Washington Trails Association! It's a website that has trip reports and so many other resources and it's my absolute favorite resource. It's especially helpful during the early summer months when you are wondering if you're favorite trail is snow free (just go check the trip reports).