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        For as long as I can remember, I’ve wanted to take a winter adventure to a natural hot spring.

        Most of the hot springs in Washington require a reservation, so I decided to do some research on ones that don’t, since I didn’t plan ahead (most book up months in advanced!). After spending a night on google, searching for hot springs in the PNW I decided on Baker Hot Springs. The hot spring didn’t have the best reviews online, but my friend and I decided to make the trip anyways, hopeful that the negative reviews would help keep the crowds down.

        This hike in particular is a very short hike – coming in at only a mile round trip. When we arrived at the springs, we were greeted by some college kids who had camped overnight. Fighting off their hangovers, they went back into their tents to sleep and we ended up having the hot sprints to ourselves for a few hours (thank goodness!). The springs were a perfect temperate – not too hot and not too cold. There was something truly magical about sitting in the forest, listening to the trickle of the water coming into the hot pool. It made for an incredibly relaxing Saturday and I’m looking forward to exploring more of the hot springs in the PNW.

        Something to take note: a lot of the natural hot springs have been polluted with visitors leaving trash and other items in the area. Please pack out everything you bring with you.


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