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        Over the summer, my friend and I decided to head to Park Butte for her first backpacking trip. Here’s a bit about our trip…

        On the way up the trail we met some of the nicest trail volunteers who gave us advice on where we should camp and we also got to see horses crossing a river which was a first for me on a trail!

        We had the perfect campsite and got to explore the area – which is my favorite part of backpacking – having the mountain almost to yourselves to explore at sunset. We found a lake, hiked up to the lookout and settled back in at our campsite for the night with the best five-course backpacking meal you could ask for. Here’s a quick Mountain House Meal Hack: 1 Chili Mac with backpacking meal + mix in some Annies Mac & Cheese and you will think you’re eating one of the best meals of your life. We swear by it when we’re in the mountains!

        In the morning, Liv went to walk the ridge line and I watched from below. She met the most wonderful author who then sent us his books the following week. We’ve been pen pals ever since and it’s probably one of my favorite mountain experience I’ve had to date. I swear the nicest people are in the mountains.


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