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        On this cozy winter evening I have decided to once again start a blog, but this time I’m doing it for real and not just adding it to the never ending to-do list in my mind. I’ve always found comfort in reading and sharing a corner of the internet with strangers and friends near and far.

        This past year I’ve spent more time wanting to get to know people I’ve met behind my screen (hi, instagram) and so I thought, what the heck? Why not create a space where I can share ramblings and photos of my life here in Washington? I’ve only been able to share a glimpse of my life on Instagram and in my corner, it’s not all happiness and hikes. I’m a wife, a cat mama and an eating disorder survivor. I work a desk job at an architect firm and don’t actually spend each day hiking. So here it is!

        I’m not native to Washington, but it’s the place that feels most like home to me. On my first trip to Washington, I fell in love with mountains and the feeling of the earth beneath my boots as I trekked up and down the trail. On my second trip, I fell in love with my husband, John. Now it’s been six years and I can’t imagine my life anywhere else.




        What is your favorite local hike? Asking for a friend.

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